How to Stretch Lumbar

The human body is designed to be used to the fullest. The muscle mass you have must be kept toned. Exercising it daily and if it is the lower back even more so since the lower back. It is the most likely to be mistreated by the poor posture that man adopts to perform any lifting of a heavy object. So in this article I will teach you about how to stretch lumbar.

The lumbar vertebrae must be kept in good condition to avoid inflammation. Because if the lower back is irritated, there may be rheumatic pain causing lumbago. If you manage to maintain a daily routine of stretching exercises, you will not suffer from any type of pain. That yes free yourself from stress sleep your eight hours a day. Maintain proper posture to slide, grab or push any object whether it is past or light. Remember to take a good breath when doing any activity. But if you suffer from any symptoms such as arthritis, fractures or herniated discs. It is recommended to go to a doctor who will evaluate you and prescribe pain medication. In order to alleviate the pain by reducing inflammation in the affected area, he or she will assign you a good physiotherapist.

Basic exercises to stretch the lower back.

Now that you know how to stretch lumbar. We can go to the different exercises that it has and its related ones. There are many ways to perform stretching exercises, whether in bed, sitting, practicing yoga, standing, lying down, among others. You can also do them at home in the office, in the gym and even in the park. So you will have no excuses to look healthy as long as you maintain your proper posture.

  • Seated. Being relaxed in a chair, the respective breaths are carried out, there the muscles relax and the fibers are released, producing relief in the back.
  • On the floor. Another exercise while sitting on the floor with your legs stretched out brings your trunk forward looking for your hands to touch your feet.
  • Standing on feet with the legs apart, place your hands on your hips and turn from one side to the other, keeping your back straight, keeping your breaths in line.
  • Squats. Bringing the trunk to the upper part of the thighs, the palms of the hands resting on the ground and on the sides of the feet, the knees are stretched until tension is felt in the legs, here you apply repetitions three to four times.

Other ways to exercise the lower back

There are also other ways to be able to exercise the lower back, only this time it is a bit intense and somewhat complicated to do, so you have to do exactly what it says and if you understood it will be much better and you will not need to look closer to do this exercise. It is preferable to do the above mentioned first. So as not to exert too much effort on the body and have problems to continue with the routine or it can even get worse, such as having oxidation and cellular aging, etc. Although exercise is good for your health, if you overdo it, it will get worse. Below you will find different exercises for the lower back, which are:

Knees to chest

Put a towel or mat on the floor, place your body on your back, bend your knees and bring them to your chest, placing your hands on the back of your legs, trying to make your heels hit your buttocks or buttocks, making your hips come off the ground Bringing your knees to your chest even more, hold this position for at least 30 seconds until you feel your spine tense.


Place a chair in front of you, resting your hands on said surface and having it at an angle of 90 degrees, while standing with your legs apart and extended, bring your back down while maintaining this position for 20 seconds, repeating several times.


Adopt the cat posture, that is, place both your hands and knees on the ground and stretch your spine, seeking to arch it as much as you can by tightening your abdomen and holding your breath for 10 seconds, release your back, relaxing your abdomen and breathing deeply.


This exercise requires perseverance to have more flexibility in the hips, lying on the floor face up, place your hands on the back of your head trying to get your elbows to touch the ground and your legs bent trying to get the soles of both feet together. taking the knees to the ground from side to side holding 30 seconds.

Purpose of doing lumbar stretching activities.

  • Minimize muscle contraction caused by inactivity.
  • Adopt postural hygiene to avoid low back pain.
  • Have more flexibility in the body when it comes to activating the lower back
  • Reduce the risk of being prone to certain injuries due to daily activities.
  • It helps keep the body in a more agile shape in case you decide to do any sport, in short, there are a variety of factors that influence the proper performance of lumbar stretching that you can do during the day or before going to sleep at night.


In conclusion. If when presenting any discomfort in the lumbago, the ideal is that you take about three weeks of rest limiting excessive weight but not being completely inactive, you can take walks with good posture and see a progressive change in your health. Remember that this article is a means of information, the ideal is to consult a specialist doctor who will give you the respective recommendations depending on the case of pain or discomfort that you present in your lower back area. Take into consideration that when performing these exercises, you should not exaggerate the time of action and less if it causes pain. On the other hand, if you do it little by little, you can increase the intensity a little until your body adapts and does not present any problem, and thanks to the fact that you already know how to stretch your lower back.

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