How to Stretch the Psoas

How important it is to stretch properly is often underestimated. You are not and will not be the first who, with the desire to train, launches into exercise without paying much attention to proper warm-up and stretching of the muscles. Today, for example, it is up to us to deal with the topic that gives rise to this entry and that is reflected in the title “How to stretch the Psoas”.

You will not only learn about how important it is to stretch this muscle well in a pre-exercise routine, but also learn about this muscle (not well known by most) among many other interesting facts about it. So if you have come wanting to learn and improve your health, we will take care of satisfying those objectives.

The iliac psoas muscle is located in the lumbar area, being more specific in the iliac crest, inserted in the lesser trochanter of the femur (in neutral Christian it means the internal area). It is a muscle designed to allow the hip to flex, which means that when it is retracted, this muscle will favor the abundance of curvature in the lower lumbar area.

Can the iliopsoas muscle generate pain at the lumbar level?

The quick answer to that question is a resounding yes. However, we will explain why… This is because the iliopsoas shortens (or contracts, it is the same thing). This curves the back, as we mentioned earlier. By doing this, all the forces and tension exerted on the structure corresponding to the lumbar spine lose stability. Consequently, some of these components of the lumbar structure wear out or tire more than others. Not to mention that the curvature causes many more muscles, tendons, and ligaments to be involved in order to hold such a posture. The result of this translates into pain in the lower back of the individual.

That is why it is important to know and understand how to stretch the iliopsoas properly. Without compromising the lower back too much, and carrying out the physical activity in question without difficulty.

Types of exercises to stretch the iliopsoas.

Finally, we come to perhaps the most important part of this entry. And it is that next we are going to comment on three exercises that you can do either from your home or in the gym. In order to be able to stretch the iliopsoas properly.

  • Stretch in the lounge. This is done with the support of our hands against the ground. It is a very common type of stretch for the iliopsoas, there are even world-class athletes who apply it as a maneuver prior to a competition.
  • Another stretch (and very practical, you will understand why) is to stand in one of the corners of our bed. To later drop one of our legs hanging on the edge. While the other we will hug her against our chest. It is easy and practical to stretch the iliopsoas in this way, because we can do it even at the beginning of the day.
  • And as a last exercise to stretch the iliopsoas we have to slide the leg backwards, leaving our knee extended. At the same time, we flex the other leg and support the forearms on some surface (eg. a table). EYE! If you feel pain in your lower back when performing this stretch, you should not perform this stretch.

These were three of the best exercises we know of for stretching the iliopsoas. This must be done with some regularity, since this muscle retracts due to excessive sedentary lifestyle. Or aging, lack of physical activity and to a lesser extent, the malfunction of your kidneys. We particularly recommend stretching the muscle at least once a day, for approximately 1 minute. It won’t take much time and your body will thank you~.


Our body is a machine that from time to time requires some attention from us. Not only in terms of food and the absence of vices. But also at the motor and muscular system level. Stretching your muscles before training or as a morning routine is a very healthy and beneficial activity.

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