Legs Routine at Home

Today’s entry comes with a lot of encouragement and desire to strengthen those legs. We will stay as a professional soccer player if we religiously follow this routine that we bring. Well, not only will it be powerful and demanding for our muscles, but we can do it from the comfort of our home. Which is great for this prolonged quarantine time. We will share a series of leg exercises at home, accompanied by some very useful tips to achieve the result we want in record time.

Always keep in mind that for any training routine you must complement it with a good diet. Well, if you don’t do it little or nothing, you will be able to advance if you don’t properly nourish your muscles, mainly protein if our goal is to gain muscle mass. We also warn you not to underestimate the power of training at home, because those puritans who say that good training is only done in a gym are wrong! The results and muscles are achieved with perseverance and discipline, not in the place where you train. The key is to follow the instructions in the article and stick to the technique.

Intense home leg routine!

What we will do next is comment on each of the exercises that make up this routine, followed by an explanation of how to execute them. As well as some parameters to take into account to do the exercise correctly, variations, repetitions and sets. Although since this is a circuit routine (that is, after completing one exercise, advance with the other without rest). There will be no pause or rest until the end of a lap. Without further ado, let’s begin…

Bulgarian Squats (12 repetitions).

The key in this exercise is to locate in our house some piece of furniture or elevated surface where we can place “the leg of rest”. It can be a chair, a bench, a small table. It doesn’t matter… The interest in this exercise is that it is an object that provides stability. After that we will position the legs as it appears in the image and with a lot of control we will go down and up.

The movement as such is done with the knee and it is important that it is done slowly and not accelerated. The reason is that this leg exercise at home is already intense. Now if you want to intensify the repetitions more you can accompany it with a set of dumbbells. Obviously the 12 repetitions will be done for each leg, once that is done you can move on to the next leg exercise at home.

Side Lunges (12 Reps).

Doing legs at home is possible if you know the right exercises for it. In this case, the Side Lunge is done standing with the legs apart and the tips of the feet pointing out (Our sides). The movement is like that of a compass, from the center (neutral part), you move to the right as far as your legs allow (without forcing the movement). And from there you return to the center, to then do exactly the same but with the left leg.

The repetitions are counted once you have done the movement with both legs and return to the neutral point (the center). This exercise can be done with some extra weight, since we are at home, even a bottle of soap works. Remember to feel the exercise in your legs, if you don’t feel it you are doing something wrong.

Hip Thrust (12 Reps).

This is a fairly simple exercise to do. You just have to find a point of support again, which can be the sofa in your house. To be able to lie on your back on it and with some extra weight (Again, it can be a bottle of soap). What you do is place it in his pelvis and proceed to execute the movement. If it consists of lowering and raising the waist, you will feel pressure on the buttocks when going up and on the legs. The image speaks for itself.

Juice Squats (12 repetitions).

Finally, to close the circuit we have the squat juice. For this exercise you only have to put your legs a certain distance apart from the other with the tips of your feet pointing outwards. After that, with the help of some extra weight, we will go down as far as our legs allow us (Remember not to force the movement). We will go down and up in a controlled way, making sure to feel the pressure in the legs. Place where you are working with this exercise. As an extra fact when going down, it is advisable to move the buttocks backwards, because that way you will be able to carry out the movement much more comfortably.

Without further ado, that’s all, do this leg routine at home for about 3 more laps and that’s it.

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